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    State of the art expert tree removal in Sutherland

    Removing a tree can be a very difficult task even for an expert with years of experience. This can especially be the case in an urban or city setting where the tree may be surrounded by other trees, valuable property and people. This is why tree removal in Sutherland is best performed by experts like us at Quick Chip.

    Tree removal is a major part of ensuring that your home or business always looks great, continues to be safe and it may also be required if you want a different or competing species to develop properly. Property owners may also consider getting a perfectly healthy tree removed if its becoming a health hazard, damaging municipal property, disturbing overhead transmission lines etc.

    Tree removal in Sutherland is not always imperative

    There are many property owners who may not want to get a tree removed, at times because it has sentimental value, other times because they are heavily invested in it. The good news is that you do not always have to get a tree removed if its problematic. As qualified and highly experienced professionals we know that there are alternative ways to ensure that the tree is not a problem. One way is to ensure that your tree is proactively maintained by a professional like us. Our tree servicing for instance will continue to ensure that your trees are healthy and do not interfere with other people’s property or become a health hazard. Methods like cabling and braces can also be used to support often structurally weak trees or those that have been damaged in a recent storm. While these are great alternatives to tree removal it is only something that an expert can like us can help you determine with certainty.

    How we perform tree removal in Sutherland?

    Even though tree removal is often seen as being an extremely challenging and a labor intensive job that requires experience and great equipment we still manage to do an excellent job each time. This is despite the fact that most trees we remove and have removed over the years have been in densely populated areas. So, the process obviously requires our experts to slowly and yet carefully dismantle an often large tree using some of our latest machines to ensure a clean and safe cut. The equipment we decide to use mainly depends on the type of tree we are dealing with and how we plan to take it down. It also depends on factors like damage to the tree, branch architecture and hardness of the wood. Generally, we would take down a tree, then we will chip down all the brush and cut the wood up into logs. We then level the stump to the ground so that it does not pose a tripping hazard or look bad after a few weeks.

    A service  you can trust

    We have been providing tree removal services in Sutherland for a very long time. Over the years we have earned a reputation for being professional and most of all having the ability to pull off some of the most challenging of tree removal tasks. This is why you can be assured of excellent work when you hire us.

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