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    State of the art and professional tree services in Parramatta 

    At Quick Chip we have an established reputation for providing some of the most comprehensive and high quality tree services in Parramatta. Our services include but are not limited to tree lopping, removal and stump removal. Every one of our team members are qualified and have years of experience in their respective field of expertise. This ensures that regardless of the service you choose quality and professionalism is something you’ll always benefit from.

    Tree removal in Parramatta

    Even though the number of tree removal services have certainly risen in the past few years the fact is that removing a tree is not always easy. While small and often weak trees are easier to remove than taller and thicker trees there always the chance of property damage when the job is handled by anyone other than professionals. The danger to personal property and the safety of others can be of particular concern especially in large and densely populated cities like Sydney. This is why tree removal needs to be performed carefully and by professionals.

    Why get a tree removed?

    Well there are a number of reasons why a home or business owner may require that a tree be removed. These include the fact that the tree may be sick, it could also be injured or because its interfering with the power lines. While other methods like tree lopping in Parramatta for instance can help to remedy the problem, at times a removal may be the only resort. That said this is something that experts like us can judge based on our understanding of trees.

     Expert tree loppers in Parramatta

    Tree lopping is a highly technical and often a dangerous job if the right equipment is not used. However, at Quick Chip we use some of the latest equipment in addition to a team of highly experienced loppers who first start out by understanding what is required and then go about finding the most efficient way to achieve it with that particular tree. We do this all the while ensuring that the tree remains healthy and continues to flourish after the procedure.

     How we remove trees  

    We understand all the challenges and dangers involved with removing a tree. It is a labor intensive job that requires experience. However, we always break a larger job or a larger tree in this case by executing a number of smaller steps. These include bringing down the tree bit by bit if its large. Then clearing all the branches, after which we chop the stump down to ground level. All of this is done by a team of people to ensure that the whole process moves along as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The end result is often a tree which has been removed swiftly and with little or no signs of it left on the property.

    If you are looking for tree services in Parramatta with an iron clad reputation, has years of experience and backs their service up with a satisfaction guarantee then look no further than Quick Chip. Call us today for quotes or any other information at 0414 777 555. You can also send an email to info@quickchip.com.au.

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