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     Why does a tree stump need to be removed?

    Sometimes even the strongest trees can be taken down by storms and hurricanes leaving nothing but the stump in place. Other times the stump can be left as a result of getting a sick or injured tree cut down. However, regardless of why the stump is there, if not removed it can lead to a number of problems including suckering when the new shoots begin to appear from its trunk or when it starts to sprout new roots. Completely dead stumps will not sprout roots or shoots for that matter but they can lead to diseases like root rot and fungus which makes removing them so important. At Quick Chip we offer the best stump removal in Sydney backed by years of experience and a track record of removing stumps of all types and sizes.

    The best time to remove a tree stump is right away. The earlier you get down to removing a tree stump the more comfortable you will feel about it not becoming a problem by interfering with your other trees and shrubs. Though home owners can use a number of over the counter methods to remove stumps the fact is that none of them really work and those that work are very time consuming. This is why hiring professionals like us makes so much sense.

    We can physically remove stumps

    At times the best stump removal in Sydney is a physical removal. Physical removal works better than chemical removal because it does not leave around any part of the stump which would encourage it to grow later on. This is why we approach every stump removal task with the mission of completely removing it and destroying the primary root system below. Though small tree stumps is something we remove using a winch, larger stumps will require the use of other heavier machines. All of which we have at our disposal in addition to the expertise required to operate them in order to cleanly remove tree stumps.

    Stump grinders are another option which are used to mostly grind out the main root plate and which as a result just leaves behind lots of sawdust. But stump grinders can be dangerous if not operated correctly which is why even though you can hire a grinder its best to leave stump grinding to experts like us. We take a number of factors into consideration prior to using a grinder or recommending grinding for that matter.

    Methods that should be avoided

    Despite the fact that there are quite a few websites and people who advise that people save their money and resort to burning the stump the downside to this is that burning does not always work. Burning the stump may just speed up the rotting process which ends up doing more harm to your soil and adjoining greenery than any good. Then there is also the fact that burning your tree’s stump in a suburban neighborhood may not be a good idea as it can lead to lots of smoke and even become a fire hazard. This is why it’s something which is best left to the experts.

    More information about our stump removal in Sydney services can be had by calling 0414 777 555. You can also send an email to info@quickchip.com.au.

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