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    Why is Stump Removal so Important?

    When a tree falls or is cut down for some reason, what’s left behind is often known as the stump. This stump as it’s called can be a source of many issues for home and business owners mainly because it leads to suckering when new shoots appear from the truck or when it grows new roots. That said stumps that are completely dead will not become suckers, but they still play their role in leading to a number of root issues like ashoney fungus which is why stump removal in Sutherland is so important.

    There is no particularly good or bad time to remove the stump physically. Though the earlier you remove it the better it will be. Though removing a stump on your own is going to be time consuming and difficult this is why you need to hire a service like ours. At Quick Chip we use a number of methods to remove stumps efficiently and cleanly. However, the method we choose to use depends on the state of the stump.

    Physical stump removal in Sutherland

    There are times when physical stump removal in Sutherland is the best option. We believe that a stump in order to ensure that it is not problematic later on needs to be removed entirely. At Quick Chip our goal with every stump removal job is to make sure that the methods we use completely remove the stump. Smaller trees can often be pulled out by a winch, a device which is best used by an experienced service like us.

    Larger tree stumps or ones that are more grounded may need to be removed with a mini-excavator. This helps to also eliminate much of the root system below. That said these methods only work best if a significant length of the trunk is above ground in order to be used as leverage.

    Alternatively, there are many services that also use stump grinders which will grind out the primary root plate, which only leaves behind fine sawdust. That said even though you can hire a stump grinder these are dangerous and hazardous which is why this is best left to experts like us to decide. This is something that we decide based on the type of stump that we are hired to remove.

    Please refrain from the following methods

    Even though a number of websites and even so called gurus may tell people that the cheapest and easiest way to get rid of a tree stump is to burn it. In our professional experience the problem with burning is that because most stumps are damp from the inside and often have soaked in a lot of nitrate fertilisers these can be potentially dangerous. If anything it can speed up rotting despite the fact that fertilizers work as oxidising agents. Burning only ends up doing more harm than good and making the tree stump near impossible to remove later on.

    To find out more about our stump removal in Sutherland or to get a quote for this service call us at 0414 777 555. If you need to get in touch with us regarding a quote for a bulk removal or need to find out about the methods we use or simply want to give us some feedback then email info@quickchip.com.au.

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