Tree Lopping and Cutting in Sydney

Our certified, professional operators guarantee the best tree services in Sydney

Thank you for taking the time to visit the official website of Quick Chip Tree Services  For nearly 10 years, Quick Chip Tree Service has been providing home owners the help they need, with safety they can rely on. We guarantee the best services in Sydney. We offer reasonable prices, expert quality tree removal and trimming.

Our certified, professional operators guarantee you will get the job done, fast! That’s Quick Chip Tree Services. Our team is dedicated to total and complete customer satisfaction on each and every job. No task is too hard, or tree too high, for our professional operators.

Quick Chip is one of the most established, professional and reputed tree cutting and tree looping service. Our tree loppers are often considered to be some of the most experienced and professional in the industry, this is thanks to the dozens of often difficult projects we have undertaken over the years.

Tree looping and trimming is a very important process especially for trees which have reached a certain height. Our tree lopping services in Sydney Region includes clearing away limbs and branches, even shortening the trunks if needed. We and many other experts strongly believe that the vast majority of trees and home owners in particular can benefit a great deal from lopping. If anything our lopping adds shape and aesthetics to any tree, in addition to ensuring that it continues to remain healthy.

We analyse all operational and safety aspects of each job to find the most efficient method of getting the job done.
We also have the necessary equipment to perform all aspects of tree work safely and professionally.
Our services include tree removal, tree lopping, tree trimming, stump grinding and clean up.
Look at how organised our operators are at getting our waste ready for chipping. In no time, the job is done. Now that is Quick Chip Tree Services.

Expert Tree Cutting

At times the only way to ensure that a tree does not block your view, become a health hazard or interfere with your home’s transmission lines is to cut it down. However, tree cutting is an often difficult task and requires thorough planning to and experience with similar projects to ensure that its cut cleanly without causing any damage. It also needs to be cut in a way so that it does not become an eyesore for visitors. At Quick Chip we use some of the most powerful saws operated by experienced tree cutters to ensure a clean cut to the desired height or completely. The end result is a finished job that home or business owners do not need to worry about anymore.

To hire our tree lopping service in Sydney, NSW, to find out more or to get a quote for trees on your property please call 0414 777 555. You can also get in touch with us via email

We also offer 24/7 emergency call out and our services are OH&S compliant.

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